Quality, security, occupational health and environment policies

We are an integrated services company specializing engineering, construction, logistics, transportation and environmental remediation for the oil, mining and energy sectors, as well as various opportunities offered in Peru.

Our goal is to provide efficient and transparent management that generates profitability and benefits for our customers, shareholders and collaborators.

In order to achieve our company’s vision, we are committed to:

  • • Satisfy our clients’ requirements.
  • • Effectively work alongside a team of collaborators with a high level of professional and technical qualifications, proactive attitude while fully committed to achieve the company’s goals.
  • • Work with a superior, well maintained and highly reliable fleet of specialized and differentiated equipment.
  • • Promoting a safe and healthy workplace that encourages the staff’s development and well-being.
  • • Promote a prevention culture through our processes by managing risks in safety, occupational health and environmental aspects in order to prevent injuries, occupational diseases, material damages and negative environmental impacts by measuring the performance within a continuous improvement framework.
  • • Prioritize the security between the operations.
  • • Promote active consulting and participation of our collaborators and their representatives in our safety and health management system.
  • • Foster the rational use of energy and natural resources in our processes.
  • • Meet all applicable legal requirements as well as the agreements and commitments acquired and signed with other interested parties.
  • • Continuously improve our processes.

Aleksandar Korolija
General Manager